Importance of Chinese Sky Lanterns

Sky lanterns are paper-made small hot air balloons with a small fire inside that can be perceived moving in the sky. These are released by people not only for fun and entertainment but also for various religious and traditional reasons in all parts of the world. Widely used at birthdays, weddings, anniversary celebrations, corporate events, and other special occasions, sky lanterns add light in the dark sky. In East Asian cultures, especially in China, Chinese sky lanterns have their own relevance and utility.

Originally used for military purposes and carnivals, sky lanterns are used at Chinese Mid-Autumn and Lantern festivals these days. They are also known by the names of Kongming lanterns, sky candles and fire balloons. They are prepared from oiled rice paper and put on a bamboo frame with a small candle consisted of a waxy flammable material. The hot balloon rises up into the air when air inside the balloon becomes hot.

The annual Lantern Festival of Taiwan and Yi Peng festival of Thailand are perfect example of importance and utility of Chinese sky lanterns. Today, we can see the popularity of these hot balloons on various occasions such as weddings, New Years Eve and Halloween in Western countries.


Sky Lanterns Can Speak Emotions

Sky LanternsFirecrackers have always been a special attraction for people in their happy occasions. Be it Christmas, New Year or any celebration, fireworks have always played an integral part of every event. Seeing this immense passion, fireworks sellers have come up with many innovative crackers to marvel their customers.

One of the amazing crackers manufactured by online fireworks sellers are sky lanterns. Sky lanterns, popularly known as Kongming lamps, carry the charm to make any event memorable. Sky lanterns are manufactured with rice papers. The paper is stuffed with high quality combustible substances and is rolled in a cylindrical form. The ends of the lanterns are furnished with a well made fuse. As the fuse is ignited the flame burns it and eventually reaches the combustible substance.

The ignition creates an up thrust force which lifts the lantern up in the sky. After traveling up to a certain distance, the sky lantern bursts into a plethora of bright colors thus lighting up the sky. After some time the ignition diminishes and the lantern comes down towards the floor.

Online fireworks sellers have now started to manufacture lanterns based on special themes like birthdays and wedding ceremonies, among others. These theme based lanterns display beautiful messages at their burst in the sky. These lanterns are used by lovers to express their special feeling towards their beloveds (thus making their expression grand). Sky lanterns are also used by social organizations to spread various social messages to people.

Good quality sky lanterns travel to a considerable distance in the sky before their blast. They are eco-friendly and are composed of biodegradable substances which easily decompose causing almost negligible environmental pollution.

Owing to the popularity of the product sky lanterns carry attractive incentives and rebates in many online retail stores. To get the best deal one should visit numerous pertinent websites to acquire information on the available discounts on the product.

Interesting facts about Chinese Sky lanterns

Chinese sky lanterns are popular not only in China, but in many other countries across the world. They are considered to be a vital part of the fireworks displays and are mostly used at birthdays, weddings, anniversary celebrations, corporate events, and other special occasions.

Sky lanterns were originally used in China for military purposes. Later they became popular with children at carnivals. Today, the sky lanterns are being used increasingly at Chinese Mid-Autumn and Lantern festivals.

They are called as Kongming lanterns in China. Some however call them sky candles and fire balloons too.

Sky lanterns are normally made from oiled rice paper put on a bamboo frame, with a small candle or fuel cell composed of a waxy flammable material inside.

On being lit, the flame works to heat up the air inside the lantern, which causes it to rise up into the air and float gently until the flame dies out.

In Taiwan, there is a popular annual Lantern Festival where hundreds of sky lanterns are released. In Northern Thailand they have a festival called “Yi Peng” where multitude of sky lanterns is released into the sky.

Sky lanterns are also gaining popularity in the West on special occasions such as at weddings, New Years Eve and Halloween.

Sky lanterns are considered to be a symbol of good luck and hope and are used at happy occasions to bring happiness into one’s life in most parts of the world.