Smoke Bombs: Amazing Genres of Firecrackers

Fireworks form an integral part of every happy occasion. Fireworks sellers are constantly innovating to come up with new varieties of crackers for enthralling their customers. One of the amazing genres of firecrackers is the smoke bomb. There are different variants of smoke bombs which include smoke candles, smoke canisters and smoke balls. When ignited these firecrackers proliferate a gush of smoke for which remains for about 12 to 15 seconds. Superior quality smoke bombs continue giving out smoke for about a couple of minutes.

Smoke bombs give out smoke in different colors. There are some high quality smoke bombs which produce dense smoke which generally is a blend of seven different colors. Due to the immense popularity of smoke bombs, online fireworks sellers provide attractive discounts and incentives on them.

A smoke bomb is primarily composed of inorganic substances like sodium bicarbonate and potassium chlorate. In order to reduce the intensity of the blast the inorganic compounds are amalgamated with minimal quantities of sugar and baking soda. Smoke bombs are facilitated with small pores which act as a vent for the heat. The bombs which emit colored smoke have some organic compounds as their prime element in their composition.

The making of smoke bombs requires high professional skills and it is advisable for people not to try making them at home. While lighting smoke bombs one should avoid wearing those clothes which are prone to catch fire (especially silk apparels).

Owing to the increased popularity of smoke bombs online fireworks sellers are coming up with new improvisations on the product. In addition to this online retail stores also offer attractive incentives on their offerings related to smoke bombs.


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