Smoke Bomb: How to Make It?

A smoke bomb is a smoke inducing device made of different ingredients and materials such as sugar, potassium nitrate a.k.a. saltpeter, skillet or pan and aluminum foil. It produces smoke when it is lit. Smoke bombs are made using a standard chemical formula.

These fireworks are effectively used in airsoft games, paintball games, and many other applications. Below given steps will help you know how a smoke bomb is made:

  • Pour potassium nitrate and sugar into the skillet in the ratio of 3:2. Using 5:3 ratio is also a good option for making a smoke bomb.
  • Apply low heat to the skillet and stir the mixture. Remove the pan from the heat once you detect that grains of sugar start melting and get a caramel or chocolate color.
  •  Continue both heating and stirring until the ingredients used for making smoke bombs get liquefied.
  • Pour the prepared liquid onto a piece of foil in smaller pieces. You can also give them any shape of your choice.
  • Leave the smoke bomb to cool properly as it will help you peel off the foil later.

You can use these step-to-step instructions to make a good smoke bomb. Don’t forget to use the ingredients in an adequate ratio.


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