Importance of Chinese Sky Lanterns

Sky lanterns are paper-made small hot air balloons with a small fire inside that can be perceived moving in the sky. These are released by people not only for fun and entertainment but also for various religious and traditional reasons in all parts of the world. Widely used at birthdays, weddings, anniversary celebrations, corporate events, and other special occasions, sky lanterns add light in the dark sky. In East Asian cultures, especially in China, Chinese sky lanterns have their own relevance and utility.

Originally used for military purposes and carnivals, sky lanterns are used at Chinese Mid-Autumn and Lantern festivals these days. They are also known by the names of Kongming lanterns, sky candles and fire balloons. They are prepared from oiled rice paper and put on a bamboo frame with a small candle consisted of a waxy flammable material. The hot balloon rises up into the air when air inside the balloon becomes hot.

The annual Lantern Festival of Taiwan and Yi Peng festival of Thailand are perfect example of importance and utility of Chinese sky lanterns. Today, we can see the popularity of these hot balloons on various occasions such as weddings, New Years Eve and Halloween in Western countries.


Tips for Buying Fireworks online

Online shopping is very convenient, fast and time saving. But there are certain things that we should know when we go for buying fireworks online. Check the following tips before pressing the shopping button on your keyboard.

First of all, check the authenticity and reputation of the online fireworks’ manufacturer or distributor. Selling fireworks without having licenses is a crime. So, make sure you make a deal only with sellers who posses a legal license. Making a purchase from sellers with no license can be fatal for you.

Go through the delivery terms and conditions and check them completely so that you can ensure the timely and early possession of fireworks at your doorstep. Also check the delivery charges and shake hands only with the companies that promise to deliver the fireworks at their earliest. You can also find the websites where you get free delivery of final products.

Another tip that always matters the most when it comes to purchasing is the safety and security of your data and information. Many websites are not competent enough to secure your data from thefts and attacks. Only with secured commercial websites, you can get a safe and secure shopping experience.

Tips to Make Your Own Fireworks

By looking at the dazzling and colorful explosions created by fireworks one may at times become desirous of exploring their manufacturing process. Following are some tips for people who want to make their own crackers: –

–        The first and foremost step in making crackers is to be aware of the variants available in the market. Some of the popular varieties of fireworks include smoke bombs, sparklers and cannons. While smoke bombs are known for their colorful smoke, cannons are popular for vigorous explosions. Sparklers on the other hand produce a plethora of bright colors when ignited. Different fireworks have different attributes and hence they differ from each other in their manufacturing process. One cannot standardize one method for making all kinds of crackers.

–        For making fireworks, the subsequent step is to gather essential raw materials required for the manufacturing process. The list of raw materials primarily includes gummed kraft tape, ball mills, paper tubes, paper shells and fuses. In addition to this, one requires the chemicals which are necessary for ignition.

–        After one has gathered the required raw materials the next step is to manufacture the fireworks. There are detailed instructions furnished on the packets of the fireworks making products. It is advisable for the buyer to read them thoroughly. One should be careful while handling the chemicals since they have the potential to cause serious damages. There are many websites which provide a wealth of information on how to make fireworks safely. It is wise for people to refer to those sites when preparing firecrackers.

There are countries/states where making of fireworks have many legal implications. In some parts of the world a layman has to go through many legal proceedings to obtain a license for making fireworks. Therefore it is advisable for people to be aware of the legal scenarios of their respective areas before indulging into fireworks making.

Smoke Bombs: Amazing Genres of Firecrackers

Fireworks form an integral part of every happy occasion. Fireworks sellers are constantly innovating to come up with new varieties of crackers for enthralling their customers. One of the amazing genres of firecrackers is the smoke bomb. There are different variants of smoke bombs which include smoke candles, smoke canisters and smoke balls. When ignited these firecrackers proliferate a gush of smoke for which remains for about 12 to 15 seconds. Superior quality smoke bombs continue giving out smoke for about a couple of minutes.

Smoke bombs give out smoke in different colors. There are some high quality smoke bombs which produce dense smoke which generally is a blend of seven different colors. Due to the immense popularity of smoke bombs, online fireworks sellers provide attractive discounts and incentives on them.

A smoke bomb is primarily composed of inorganic substances like sodium bicarbonate and potassium chlorate. In order to reduce the intensity of the blast the inorganic compounds are amalgamated with minimal quantities of sugar and baking soda. Smoke bombs are facilitated with small pores which act as a vent for the heat. The bombs which emit colored smoke have some organic compounds as their prime element in their composition.

The making of smoke bombs requires high professional skills and it is advisable for people not to try making them at home. While lighting smoke bombs one should avoid wearing those clothes which are prone to catch fire (especially silk apparels).

Owing to the increased popularity of smoke bombs online fireworks sellers are coming up with new improvisations on the product. In addition to this online retail stores also offer attractive incentives on their offerings related to smoke bombs.

Ball Mills for Making Crackers

Fireworks play a major role in making every happy occasion memorable. Be it New Year, marriages, graduation ceremonies, farewells or Christmas, fireworks add a special charm to every event. People are so passionate about crackers that they even like to create their own crackers. This way they get scope to inculcate their own creative touch in their crackers.

However, proper manufacturing of crackers requires the right and effective tools which may ensure a quality make. One of the prime equipments required for making crackers is the ball mill. Ball mills are used to pulverize the combustible substances that the crackers are stuffed with. The raw chemicals are put into the ball mills to grind them into finer particles. The final product is a fine blend of all the chemicals which is fit for manufacturing superior crackers.

By using ball mills, people can avoid the use of hands for the mixing of chemicals. Ball mills also save people from the burdensome process of using mortars to blend the chemicals. Online fireworks sellers use durable materials to produce sturdy ball mills thus ensuring a long life for them. Ball mills come in sizes like 3 Lb, 6 Lb double barrel and 15 Lb mills. The sizable ball mills carry the potential to blend two different substances within a short time.

Apart from this ball mills even find their use in scientific laboratories where they are used to mix chemicals for conducting various chemical reactions.

There are various online fireworks sellers who not only provide amazing fireworks but also furnish their customers with equipments for the manufacturing of fireworks.

Sky Lanterns Can Speak Emotions

Sky LanternsFirecrackers have always been a special attraction for people in their happy occasions. Be it Christmas, New Year or any celebration, fireworks have always played an integral part of every event. Seeing this immense passion, fireworks sellers have come up with many innovative crackers to marvel their customers.

One of the amazing crackers manufactured by online fireworks sellers are sky lanterns. Sky lanterns, popularly known as Kongming lamps, carry the charm to make any event memorable. Sky lanterns are manufactured with rice papers. The paper is stuffed with high quality combustible substances and is rolled in a cylindrical form. The ends of the lanterns are furnished with a well made fuse. As the fuse is ignited the flame burns it and eventually reaches the combustible substance.

The ignition creates an up thrust force which lifts the lantern up in the sky. After traveling up to a certain distance, the sky lantern bursts into a plethora of bright colors thus lighting up the sky. After some time the ignition diminishes and the lantern comes down towards the floor.

Online fireworks sellers have now started to manufacture lanterns based on special themes like birthdays and wedding ceremonies, among others. These theme based lanterns display beautiful messages at their burst in the sky. These lanterns are used by lovers to express their special feeling towards their beloveds (thus making their expression grand). Sky lanterns are also used by social organizations to spread various social messages to people.

Good quality sky lanterns travel to a considerable distance in the sky before their blast. They are eco-friendly and are composed of biodegradable substances which easily decompose causing almost negligible environmental pollution.

Owing to the popularity of the product sky lanterns carry attractive incentives and rebates in many online retail stores. To get the best deal one should visit numerous pertinent websites to acquire information on the available discounts on the product.

Make Colored Smoke Bombs On Your Own!

Although you can easily buy smoke bombs from one of several fireworks stores, if you want to make them on your own, here is how you can do it.

To make colored smoke bombs, you will need saltpetre or potassium nitrate (KNO3) and table sugar or sucrose. Now mix Potassium Nitrate and table sugar. In the presence of heat, Potassium Nitrate reacts with appropriate quantities of sugar to produce a slow combustion process with little flame and plenty of smoke.

If you want to produce more smoke, you may use brown sugar.

It is advisable to grind and refine the ingredients separately as too much refining can cause the mixture to ignite before the bomb is prepared. When they have a fine enough consistency, mix water to form a paste-like substance.

Now make lumps out of this paste and leave it to dry for about a day in a well secured, cool and dry room. When the bomb mass becomes clayish, you can use it.

For making colored smoke bomb, you may add a pinch of sodium bicarbonate to the solution that you had prepared. You may also add some organic dyes in to the mixture.

Your colored smoke bombs are ready!

Things you must know when buying fireworks online

Buying fireworks undoubtedly is easy and convenient. Plus, it allows one to enjoy discounts that are not available at local fireworks stores. But there are certain things that you must know when shopping for fireworks online.

First, you must ensure that the online fireworks manufacturer or distributor is licensed to sell fireworks. Selling fireworks without having license to do the same is considered illegal. By buying fireworks from such a manufacturer, you may also be considered guilty and may have to pay fine.

Then you must check the delivery terms and conditions. Make sure that the online fireworks supplier promises to deliver the fireworks quickly and at the address mentioned by you. There are some online fireworks stores that deliver fireworks in certain areas only. You must also check the delivery charges. Look for sites that deliver fireworks for free.

Yet another thing that you must check out is the security guaranteed by the online fireworks website. The website must be safe and secure and should ensure that no fraudulent activities would take place. You must have a safe and enjoyable shopping experience.

Interesting facts about Chinese Sky lanterns

Chinese sky lanterns are popular not only in China, but in many other countries across the world. They are considered to be a vital part of the fireworks displays and are mostly used at birthdays, weddings, anniversary celebrations, corporate events, and other special occasions.

Sky lanterns were originally used in China for military purposes. Later they became popular with children at carnivals. Today, the sky lanterns are being used increasingly at Chinese Mid-Autumn and Lantern festivals.

They are called as Kongming lanterns in China. Some however call them sky candles and fire balloons too.

Sky lanterns are normally made from oiled rice paper put on a bamboo frame, with a small candle or fuel cell composed of a waxy flammable material inside.

On being lit, the flame works to heat up the air inside the lantern, which causes it to rise up into the air and float gently until the flame dies out.

In Taiwan, there is a popular annual Lantern Festival where hundreds of sky lanterns are released. In Northern Thailand they have a festival called “Yi Peng” where multitude of sky lanterns is released into the sky.

Sky lanterns are also gaining popularity in the West on special occasions such as at weddings, New Years Eve and Halloween.

Sky lanterns are considered to be a symbol of good luck and hope and are used at happy occasions to bring happiness into one’s life in most parts of the world.

Points To Keep In Mind When Creating Your Own Fireworks Display

It can be fun to create a fireworks display at your birthday party or wedding anniversary or may be Christmas party. But there are a few points that you must keep in mind to ensure that the fireworks display is safe, legal, and within your budget.

Safety should be your utmost priority. Make sure you have a fire extinguisher and a hose available at your home. It is also a good idea to have a bucket of water nearby. Make sure that there is proper distance between the place where the fireworks will be lit and where people would be standing or sitting. Non-flammable surface such as a cement drive way is ideal for launching the fireworks. If there are any tree limbs and wires in the vicinity, be careful as it can cause a serious accident.

There are specific laws for putting up the fireworks display. Before buying any fireworks, check out which fireworks you can light and which you can not. Do not ignore local laws and regulations because ignoring them can cost you hefty fines.

Putting up your fireworks display is going to cost you money, but with little research you can save your money. You can check out with the local dealers as well as with the online fireworks distributors if they have any special discounts for New Year’s and other special occasions. You may also ask friends and family if they know of any place for buying discount fireworks.

Keep the above points in mind to make the most out of your fireworks display.